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Hot Autumn


Conditions Of The "Hot Autumn" Campaign  

The period of the event: from 09/15/2018 to 10/20/2018  

1. General provisions.

1.1 The name of the promotion: "Hot Autumn" (hereinafter referred to as the "Promotion").  

1.2 The Organizer of the Promotion: Limited Liability Partnership "Management Company "Marden Property" (hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer").

1.3 The territory of the Action: TD "Alma-Ata, address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, Imanova str., 19.  

1.4 The total duration of the Promotion: from September 15, 2018 to October 20, 2018 until 17.00 inclusive (hereinafter referred to as the "Promotion Period"). The Promotion period may be changed by the Organizer of the Promotion without additional notification, provided that information about the change is posted on the official website of the Organizer or on official pages on social networks. The preliminary completion of the Promotion cannot be a reason for claims.

1.5 Only citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan who have reached the age of 18 and adults with a residence permit in the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter referred to as Participants) have the right to participate in the Campaign.  

1.6 Employees of the Organizer of the Action, foreign citizens and stateless persons cannot participate in the Action,  

1.7 If the Participant does not meet the requirements of paragraphs 1.5. of these Rules, such persons will be excluded from the winners.  

1.8 Only receipts from the storefronts (cellular department) presented at the Alma-Ata Trading House participate in the Promotion.

1.9 The Promotion is open to Participants who have filled out one or more coupons.

1.10 The Promotion does not include: receipts from storefronts that do not sell cell phones and accessories to them, transactions for canceled/refundable purchases; transactions related to replenishment of mobile phone and bank card accounts, payment for Internet, TV, utility bills, payment for services not provided on the territory of the Alma-Ata Trade House.

1.11 Within the framework of the Promotion, prizes are awarded, the names of which are indicated in paragraph 2.  

1.12 Additional information about the Promotion is indicated on the official website of the Organizer www.marden.kz , or on the official pages of the Organizer on social networks.

1.13 These rules (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") come into force on September 15 from 10:00 a.m. Astana time.  

2. The prize fund of the Promotion.

2.1 Within the framework of the Promotion, prizes are awarded at the discretion of the Organizer.

2.2 Payment of the monetary equivalent of the prize value in lieu of awarding prizes or replacement with other prizes is not made.

2.3 Claims regarding the quality of prizes must be made directly to the producers of these prizes. The integrity and functional suitability of the prizes must be checked by the participants of the Promotion immediately upon receipt of the prize. The appearance of the original prizes may differ from their images shown in the promotional materials.

2.4 The Organizer's obligations to award prizes to the participants of the Promotion are limited to the prize fund specified in clause 2.1. The number and names of prizes can be added to these Rules at any time from September 15, 2018 to October 20, 2018 by the Organizer of the Promotion.

3. Terms Of The Promotion.

To participate in the Promotion, you must:  

3.1 Purchase a product or service in the mobile department of the Alma-Ata trading house, in the amount of at least 10,000 (ten thousand) tenge.  

3.2 Bring the receipt/receipts of the purchased goods or services to the Alma-Ata Trading House to the office of the Alma-Ata Trading House administration. Opening hours for the exchange: from 10.00 – 18.00 from 09/17/2018 to 09/20/2018, excluding the time from 13.00 to 14.00 on working days and completely Saturday and Sunday.

3.3 After submitting the receipt, it is necessary to receive a coupon from the Alma-Ata Trading House, indicate in block letters: the date of filling in, full name, date of birth, mobile phone number, email address, trademark name of the purchased product or service and put a signature confirming participation in the Promotion, familiarization and agreement with these Rules Shares.  The participants acknowledge, declare and agree that all the information they provided in the registration form is correct and reliable.  The receipt remains with the Organizer.

3.4 The Organizer has the right to exclude the coupon from the drawing in case of incorrect filling, if the data is crossed out and adjustments are made, in other cases provided for by these Rules.

3.5 By accepting the Rules of Participation in the Promotion, the Participant of the Promotion expresses his consent to the use of the Participant's personal data, to the use (publication, reproduction, distribution) of the Participant's image by the Organizer or third parties attracted by him for advertising purposes, without paying any remuneration or compensation to the Participants and without time limits.

3.6 Coupons are issued exclusively by the representative of the Organizer of the Promotion. Coupons are registered and cannot be transferred to another person. Lost coupons cannot be restored or refunded.

3.7 Visitors who made a purchase during the Promotion period in the amount of 10,000 (ten thousand) tenge receive 1 (one) coupon, that is, for every 10,000 tenge – 1 coupon. For example, for the amount of 20,000 (twenty thousand) tenge – 2 coupons, for the amount of 30,000 (thirty thousand) tenge – 3 coupons, etc. The time and date of purchase are indicated on the receipt.

3.8 The minimum amount of the check participating in the Promotion is 10,000 (ten thousand) tenge. The amounts of different checks can be summed up or divided.  

3.9 The prize draw will take place on October 20, 2018 at 18:00 Astana time on the 1st floor, food court TD, at the address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, Imanova str., 19. The winners of the Promotion will be determined by random selection from filled coupons in the lototron.  The time for collecting coupons at lototron is from 17.00 to 18.00 on October 20, 2018.

3.10 The winner can win 1 prize, at the next prize draw, the coupons of the winning Participants do not participate in the draw.

3.11 A prerequisite is the physical presence of the Participants of the Promotion at the prize draw. In case of absence of the Winner, the prize is played again.

3.12 To participate in the drawing, you must have a detachable part of the coupon with the number, the original identity document. The personal data in the coupon and the UDL must match.  

3.13 In case of non-compliance by the Participant with clauses 3.11., 3.12., the Organizer conducts a repeat prize draw.  

3.14 Upon receipt of the prize, the winner must sign the Acceptance Certificate, which will indicate his/her personal information and information about the prize.  

3.15 From the moment of receiving the prize, its holder is tax responsible for paying all applicable taxes and other existing mandatory payments in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. All disputes related to this Promotion are regulated in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

3.16 From the moment the Participant receives the prize, the latter bears the risk of accidental loss or damage (death, damage).

3.17 The Organizer of the Promotion is not responsible for:

failure to receive / untimely receipt of information necessary to receive the prizes of the Promotion, due to the fault of the Participants themselves or due to the fault of communication organizations or for other reasons beyond the control of the Organizer;
non-fulfillment (untimely fulfillment) by the participants of the Action of the obligations provided for by these Rules;
non-receipt by the winners of the Action of prizes in case of non-demand or refusal of them;
life, health, for moral and / or mental injuries of the Participants of the Action, in connection with their participation.
3.18 In terms of receiving the prize, the rules of pickup apply. All transportation costs are borne by the Participant of the Action  

4. Other conditions.

4.1 The images of the prizes (models, color and size) placed in the promotional materials may differ from the actual prizes.

4.2 All Participants of the Promotion, by taking part in it, agree with the rules of the Promotion, commit themselves to adhere to and comply with them. If a Participant violates the Rules of the Promotion or commits an act of fraud and/or deception in order to receive a prize, he loses the right to receive a prize.

4.3 The Organizer does not assume any obligations to inform the winners of the Promotion individually and/or deliver the prizes to the winners' place of residence.

4.4 In case of any claims against the Organizer by third parties in connection with the violation by the Participant of the rights of third parties during the Promotion, the Participant assumes responsibility for the independent resolution of such disputes.  

4.5 The results of the Promotion are final and are not subject to revision.

4.6 The Organizer has the right to change and supplement these Rules and the list of prizes without prior consent and notification of the Participants.

4.7 The Organizer is not responsible for postponements of the Promotion dates and other changes caused by circumstances beyond its competence.

4.8 The Organizer has the right to refuse to register the Visitor as a Participant in the Promotion in the following cases:

if the date of the receipt/receipts does not correspond to the period of the Promotion;
the visitor does not meet the requirements for the Participant of the Promotion;
in case of assignment by the Participant of someone else's cash receipts, which already have the mark of the organizer of the Promotion and / or checks that do not participate in the Promotion or other inconsistency of the checks provided by the Participant with the terms of these Rules.
4.9 The Organizer has the right to refuse to award the prize to the winner of the Promotion if it is established that he has violated these Rules.

4.10 The Organizer has the right to refuse to consider a claim to a Participant of the Promotion in connection with non-receipt of a prize in case of non-compliance or violation of these Rules by a Participant of the promotion.

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