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Analysis of the Astana business center market, September 2017

As of September 2017 in Astana, according to our data, the volume of the market of operating business centers amounted to 960,515.6 square meters, 113 buildings. Of these, 42 operating business centers are located on the Left Bank of Astana (their total area is 568,612.5 square meters), 71 business centers are located on the Right Bank of Astana (their total area is 391,903 sq.m.) .



By class of buildings, the market size in Astana in September 2017 is class A (A + and A) buildings - 35%, class B (B + and B) buildings - 55%, class C buildings - 10%:



Weighted average rates (including all expenses, except Internet and telephone) for business centers in Astana in September 2017:




The following trends were outlined, in which the market will develop in the blissful year:

1. There is a high vacancy in business centers. Stagnation of rental rates is reinforced due to both the economic crisis and overproduction in the industry. This trend will continue in 2018, as the volume of offers for the market through new facilities will be increased.

2. In the market there was a refusal of dollar rates, except for 3 business centers ("Talan Towers", "Q", "Renko").

3. Tenants moved actively from Class C buildings to Class B buildings, which affected the increase in the occupancy of Class C buildings and the increase in vacancy in Class C buildings.

4. As several modern BCs were put into operation in the Esil district in 2016 at market rates, the tenants of the Almaty and Saryraka districts began moving to the Left Bank. This applies to both large companies and small ones. On the right bank of the large companies are those whose activities are related to state structures whose offices are on the right bank: the akimat, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan, etc.

5. The owners of the building, for retaining and attracting tenants, provide additional bonuses, privileges and preferences in the form of free parking spaces, furniture, free cleaning, discount on rates, rental vacations. Improve the service at the facilities.

6. The greatest quantitative demand for offices is kept up to 20 sq.m.

7. In the forecasted situation, a positive moment is the factor of Astana. Annually about 50 thousand people come to the capital, which naturally increase the demand for various goods and services. Including, and on the rental property. Accordingly, there is a chance that by 2018-2019, an additional influx of people will be 200 thousand people and it will be able to provide the entire real estate market with an adequate amount of demand. However, only those business centers that have competitive advantages will be able to retain their positions in the market: location, access roads, architecture, recognition of the object. But even with a sufficient level of these key parameters of the management company, it is necessary to increase the efficiency of the building by creating the right concept, lean operation, introducing quality standards for servicing tenants. And all this in a complex will allow companies in the management of office real estate to successfully pass any crises.

We accept applications for the selection of premises from tenants in Astana, Almaty, Aktau.

We also consider offers from owners of buildings for cooperation in the field of management and operation.

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