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Who is the manager of operational processes and quality control?


Interview of Lyazzat Munasheva, the manager of operational processes and quality control “Marden Realty”.

There is a new position – manager of operational processes and quality control in our managing company “Marden Realty”. Since the company works on the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen Lean Manufacturing and is engaged in the continuous improvement of the staff work processes, such a specialist is required. To learn more about the features of this position I asked a few questions to my colleague Lyazzat Munasheva.

– Lyazzat, tell us about new position of manager for operating systems and quality control.

I have worked as a manager for operating systems and quality control for half a year and during the time we, together with the manager of the business centre “Business Home ”Alma-Ata” Baltash Tuytebaeyv learned and put the processes of the company. Also during this time, I spend the control of quality process execution of our three divisions, in the case of loss of any operation due to which the process of employee performance slows down, I study this problem and improve the process. My task is to build an optimal scheme of interaction and control.

– Describe the process of developing the standards prior to their introduction to the staff work.

The process begins with the fact that I conduct interviews with colleagues and learn the operations of departments at the moment. Following that the process arrangement is carried out with the heads of departments, we make changes and additions to the standards of the staff work. Later, we approve the operations, visualize the company processes and monitor the results of the departments work. In addition, I spend a permanent quality control of the staff, which is required to solve the problems in time.

– How many standards have been improved at the moment?

We together with the head of cleaning department Dauren Sartayev developed the cleaning technology standard of offices individually for each tenant, as the premises for beauty salon, fitness centre, cafe, etc. are rented in the business centre “Business Home “Alma-Ata”. The standards have been developed with all the office features and tenants preferences. Also, we have developed and introduced the cleaning process map of the business centre to the work of the cleaning operators. The areas of responsibility of cleaning operators are indicated in the map, as well as the presence of glass surfaces and carpets. Due to the availability of the process map, we distributed quadrature of cleaning area evenly among the cleaning operators, thereby we reduce loss of time and improve the quality of cleaning of the building. Currently I am working to improve the service department standards.
This is how we are going to achieve the goals of the managing company “Marden Realty” by small steps.

Interview conducted by Assel Kairbekova.

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