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Corporate culture and business performance


To measure the impact of corporate culture on the efficiency of the business, it is important to have meters. To do this, it is important that there is a control system suitable for the company or its elements, such as management by objectives, balanced scorecard, performance management systems, key performance indicators (KPI), and strategic planning system.

At least long-term and medium-term objectives, project management system. If the company has no specific management model, the implementation of the model in itself is a process of creating a results-oriented culture. As a rule, if there is no control technology, the culture is not related to the result, the culture management is limited to the event. A relationship between the objectives, the results of achievements, achievements-based motivation is the foundation that creates a culture of attitudes towards work.

Management often underestimates relationship of company performance with the culture. That is, life flows separately from each other: the results separately, culture separately. Understanding the importance of cultural influence on the result arises when managers make the transition from the declaration of “people is our main resource” to a real understanding of what attitude to work is the cornerstone of success. That this will reflect on the fact that culture can be controlled. In other words – the management of corporate culture becomes a resource.

The trend of the reduced market and increased competition on this background occurs in the field of office rental in Astana. In these terms, the corporate culture is one of the competitive advantages of not only managing company, but also the business centre, objects.

We offer a presentation on “Corporate culture and business performance”, prepared by Burkitbayev Ainur, the deputy director of the managing company “Marden Property”.

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